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Morocco day trip from Fes to Volubilis description:


Our excursion will start from Fes at 9.00 a.m , Then we drive towards Volubilis which is a partly excavated Roman city and most important archaeological site in Morocco located between Fes and Rabat. Built in a fertile agricultural area, it was developed from the 3rd century BC on wards as a Phoenician and later Carthaginian settlement. It grew very rapidly under Roman rule from the 1st century AD on wards and expanded to cover about 41 hectares with a 3 km circle of walls. The city gained a number of major public building in the 2nd century, including a basilica, temple and triumphal arch. It’s prosperity, which was derived principally from olive growing, prompted the construction of many fine town-houses with large mosaic floors, free time to visit Volubilis.

The town fell to local tribes around 286 and was never retaken by Rome because of it’s remoteness and indefensibly on the south-western border of the Roman Empire. It recommenced to be inhabited for at least another 700 years. First as a Latinises Christian community, then as an early Islamic settlement. In the late 8th century it became the seat of Dris ibn Abdallah, the founder of the Idrisid dynasty and the state of Morocco. By the 11th century Volubilis had been abandoned after the seat of power was relocated to Fes. Much of the local population was transferred to the new town of Moulay driss Zerhoun, about 6 km from Volubilis.

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